cargo terminal design services

Cargo Velocity's Feasibility Planning quickly delivers planning and analysis for a specific operational concept. For example, every year we conduct assessments of the applicability of automation, long-term terminal cargo capacity and throughput potential including return-on-investment. We have developed a range of planning methods and models that enable us to complete these studies quickly. For example, in one-week, we have been able to make site visits, do interviews, prepare long-term conceptual plans for automation, perform a capacity analysis, and make first estimates of capital costs. Typically, we work with local civil/structural engineers, an economist, and an equipment evaluation specialist to produce informative data.

RTG Terminal Master Planning, Trinidad & Tobago, 2015

Service: Prime, Container and Dry Bulk Master Planning

Developed conceptual master plan for container and dry bulk facilities in the Port of La Brea. Accommodated required throughput in a multi-use terminal facility. Developed conceptual plans, estimates, 3-D renderings, and a video to support presentations to government officials.

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