cargo terminal design services

Cargo Velocity completes several expert consulting projects every year. Typically, we work as part of a team conducting a major due diligence assessment, developing a strategic plan for a port or vendor, or conducting a strategic assessment for our own customers. Our work includes site planning for maximum throughput and/or use of automation, operations analysis, operating and capital cost analysis, terminal team interviews and assessments, and targeted training in automation or port optimization.

Typical Assignments

Assist Terminal Operators with Re-negotiation of Leases with Port Authorities
This work includes development of graphics and supporting analysis. Compelling analysis assists operators with mutually beneficial improvements in safety, capacity, throughput, and the use of technology. Three-dimensional graphics of long-range plans firmly announce the needs of an operator, and drive decisions for years to come.

Provide Expert Advice and Analysis to Legal Entities
We periodically provide port and terminal operational and planning analyses for use in legal cases and discussions. This may include our opinions about problems surrounding terminal layout, personnel actions, and operating approaches.

Assess Staffing
We will evaluate the capability of an operating staff to move into higher levels of automation or productivity. To determine proficiency, we may conduct interviews, training, exercises, and simulation/emulation experiments.