Gate Planning Services


Smooth and efficient truck gates processes are critical to port and terminal operations. Problems and inefficiencies here often cause bottlenecks for the entire operation. To avoid these issues, careful planning and analysis studies are needed when there are major changes in cargo volumes, traffic arrival patterns, or technology implementations. Cargo Velocity works with terminals to consider all possible impacts of such changes to gate operations, and leverages simulation to refine service position counts and reduce queue lane lengths.


Over the course of his career, Cargo Velocity's lead gate designer, Dan Johnson, has completed over 60 truck gate plans. Dan has made gate presentations at many conferences and published an article, "Advanced Gate Options" in ASCE's Civil Engineering magazine about this subject. Over the years, Dan has worked with a wide range of gate equipment vendors and integrators. Tracey Brown, a highly experienced cargo systems business analyst, has led the truck gate configuration and integration work for Cargo Velocity and many other customers.


Depending on the situation and extent of change, Cargo Velocity conducts a series of studies ranging from a technology upgrade to full greenfield layout planning and equipment procurement.

Specific studies may include:

  • Documenting of near- and long- term business requirements
  • Assistance to determine the level of technology to employ
  • Training on modern technology options and review of specific installations
  • Review of a range of pertinent vendors for the needs
  • Development of high level conceptual gate layouts in three phases of drawing development
  • Development of capacity analysis and a feasibility level capital cost estimate

Technology Considerations

Components that are considered under this scope will include:

  1. OCR portals, and weigh-in-motion and static scales
  2. Pedestal data collection systems, and related OCR camera installations
  3. Truck identification equipment for street trucks, and related OCR card, and RFID systems
  4. Customs and security processes and infrastructure, including booths and radiation portal monitors
  5. Integration with TOS, GOS, and appointment systems
  6. Customer support center for resolving gate data issues

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