cargo terminal design services

Cargo Velocity evaluates the existing operations and risks of cargo and container terminals to develop operating alternatives with practical mitigations for cargo handling situations. Services include:

  • site layout and configuration options,
  • working marine terminal and rail yard configurations,
  • truck gates and terminal circulation planning,
  • options for quay and yard crane configurations,
  • operations analysis,
  • light pole and illumination layout and analysis.

Our civil engineers and transportation analysts produce efficient terminal layouts and yard crane configurations for multiple types of operations including marine container terminals and intermodal rail. We understand rail operations on container terminals, along with container and general cargo operations. Our industry experts have the broad range of knowledge necessary for container terminal planning. Through our association with TBA Netherlands, we can add visual renderings and simulations for cargo terminal site projects.

Kapalama Container Terminal Design Team, Honolulu, HI, 2016

Service: Terminal and Gate Planning
Role: Planning, sub to R.M. Towill

Cargo Velocity provided terminal and gate planning and analysis. We developed detailed conceptual plans for an 80-acre, two-berth, brownfield container terminal. Services included detailed gate planning for access roads, truck gate, building and parking areas; also master-planning and construction phasing. Developed conceptual drawings to a 10% design level that addressed traffic circulation, gate layout, maintenance/repair, access roads, and yard striping.

cargo velocity

Strad Terminal Master Planning, Florida, 2015

Service: Container Terminal Master Planning, Prime

Developed conceptual master plan for container terminal considering building demolition needs and redevelopment for growth in a more optimal operating environment. Developed conceptual plans, estimates, and 3-D renderings.

cargo velocity

RTG Terminal Master Planning, Trinidad & Tobago, 2015

Service: Container and Dry-bulk Master Planning

Developed conceptual master plan for container and dry bulk facilities in the Port of La Brea. Accommodated required throughput in a multi-use terminal facility. Developed conceptual plans, estimates, 3-D renderings, and a video to support presentations to government officials.

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