Cargo Velocity was created to help cargo and container terminal operating facilities address rapidly changing, advancing technologies. Our strongest capability is with terminal operating software. Many of team members originally worked for a TOS vendor or a terminal operator and are currently supporting major technology projects in the USA and abroad.

Value: Cargo Velocity actively supports terminal operators, shipping lines, intermodal carriers and other supply chain industry providers with operational technologies. Our team acts as an extension of the customer's own expert staff by contributing technical capability and capacity.

Benefits of working with Cargo Velocity include:

  • Post-implementation support and enablement of mission-critical projects that reduce operating costs
  • An independent third party that supports decision-making without vendor bias or preference for any technical solution
  • Best practices expertise gained from dozens of implementations

Technology Areas: Our services apply to common terminal operating technology such as Terminal Operating System Software (TOS), gate systems, appointment systems, OCR/RFID/GPS data collection and tracking systems, automated equipment, and systems integration between systems.

Requirements Analysis: Our first step is to evaluate the need for technology change. We conduct an initial assessment that appraises the operating performance of a terminal, compares its use of technology to that of competing terminals, and documents the business requirements of the terminal that are falling short. We develop a set of recommendations for change that focus on technologies and may also include site, equipment, training, and organizational change. We review the issues and possible solutions in workshops with operating staff to create and refine an actionable plan.

Program Management and Implementation: Our skilled staff has experience with TOS implementations and configurations, including integration with automation, gate, EDI, OCR, and much more. Resources like these are applied to bring a project to completion on schedule.

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