cargo velocity

Port and cargo terminal planning in advance of any technical or civil site changes are essential to ensure that current and future needs are addressed. A critical aspect is to engage a planner with a terminal operations background, so that the prepared options are practical and consider opportunities that exist at other terminal operations worldwide. Final civil constructions may take dozens years, and so the original planning must be done carefully to avoid long-term negative effects of poor infrastructure placement and foster cost savings.


Cargo Velocity Cargo Velocity specializes in cargo facility planning, design, and analysis. We prepare civil layout plans, analysis, and reports supporting major worldwide maritime and rail cargo infrastructure projects. Major focus areas include equipment automation, seaport master planning, container terminal planning, operations analysis, financial decision support, and cargo transport technology consulting.

We help facility owners and operators make well-founded decisions for optimal use of their resources. The goals are safety, return on investment, and fast cargo turnover. We create and exist in a more efficient future, and provide that expertise and vision to our customers. Our staff members are leaders in the planning field with almost 60 years of combined experience.

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