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Mr. Johnson is the owner and principal consultant of Cargo Velocity, a professional services firm providing planning and analysis services for maritime facilities. Core competencies: technology planning, automation, site planning (yard, rail, gate), project management, operational consulting, business development and strategy. Range: Container, intermodal and multi-use terminals.

Mr. Johnson has 20 years of prior experience planning and designing marine terminals and intermodal rail facilities. Projects in more than 50 terminals and 14 countries have involved master planning, conceptual planning, preliminary engineering, final design, environmental permitting support and program management. Dan's prior work experience includes container terminal operations management in the Port of Seattle and the Port of Los Angeles.


  • 1989 BS, Industrial Engineering & Operations Research, University of California at Berkeley
  • 1993 Management Strategies and Skills Certificate Program, University of Washington
  • 2004 Civil and structural studies, University of California at Berkeley

Project Experience With Prior Firms

  • Automated Equipment TOS Replacement, Nippon Steel, Japan
    Detailed study of planned replacement of an existing terminal operating system for the automated transport and lift equipment at a very large steel plant. With Navis, 2009.
  • Process Automation Study, Eastern Canada
    Extensive process mapping and analysis for reconfiguration of a terminal operating system to accept automated container position updates from proposed RFID, GPS and OCR equipment. With Navis, 2009.
  • Jebel Ali T2 Container Terminal, UAE
    Planning and analysis for expansion of the port at Jebel Ali to handle 35 million TEUs per year. Expansion area will encompass over 16 km of berth on 2,100 hectares of new fill. With DMJM Harris, sub to Halcrow. 2006.
  • Wellington, New Zealand
    Port master planning, detailed container and inter-modal rail yard site planning and simulation analysis. Consideration of community buffers and real-estate development. 300-acre multi-use port. DMJM Harris - 2007.
  • New York Container Terminal, NY, NY
    Detailed conceptual planning of a 45 acre addition to a three-berth container terminal. Master-planning, construction phasing, operations simulation analysis, off-site roadway planning, and 10% design. DMJM, 2007.
  • Kapalama Container Terminal, Honolulu, HI
    Conceptual planning of a 90-acre, two-berth container terminal. Master-planning, operations analysis, off-site roadway planning. 2007.
  • TraPac Terminal Expansion, Oakland, CA
    Conceptual planning of a 79-acre, two-berth container terminal. Master-planning, operations analysis, off-site roadway planning for Berth 30-33 terminal expansion at the Port of Oakland. Lead Planner. 2006.

Recent Publications

  • "Automated Terminals Basics", Navis World, 2009
  • "Automation Trends and the Impact of Enabling Technology", TOC Americas, 2008
  • "Ready to Roll - Port Gate Technology Alternatives", ASCE Magazine, Oct. 2007
  • "Selection of RMG Equipment", Port Technology International, Oct. 2007
  • "Planning of Jebel Ali T2" and "Gate Technology Alternatives"; ASCE Ports 2007
  • "New York Container Terminal", TOC Americas, 2007


  • California Civil Engineer: CE 70422
  • California Industrial Engineer: IE 4260